Tunnel Borbonico

Tunnel Borbonico

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Percorso Museale Sotterraneo
Vico Del Grottone, 4 - Zona P.zza Plebiscito
Via Domenico Morelli c/o Parcheggio Morelli

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  • Excavation - research volunteers.

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    It's started the excavation to remove debris from a new environment found during the surveys; if you are interested to participate in the work send an email with your references to mail@galleriaborbonica.it.


The Bourbon Tunnel is the most fascinating underground route of the city of Naples, which is the pride of civil Bourbon underground, inside the tunnel were found several vehicles and motorcycles of the 40s, 50s and 60s as well as statues and remnants of World War II that are visible during the tours. The Tunnel, as is visible in the section "paths", offers a "Standard Tour" which allows you to walk inside the Tunnel, in the areas of the bomb shelters and in the water tanks. The "Adventure Tour" allows you to admire the fine water tanks of the '500 and '600 and a raft ride in a subway tunnel abandoned and invaded by water. The "Speleo Tour" allows you to wander around, with suits, helmets and lights, in the tunnels and water tanks of searching for symbols in the tuff and made to fly with a cable car in a huge water tank of the sixteenth century.

All courses have been prepared by ensuring high safety standards within environments characterized by lower levels of humidity and higher temperature among all the paths visited in Naples, which allows the realization of concerts and theatrical performances in total comfort.



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